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Bringing the world’s freshest seafood straight to your door is extremely important to us. But even more important is how we do it. From our careful choice of partners to meticulous whole-fish processing to our stringent sustainability practices, we provide our customers with the excellence they deserve. We appreciate your business, and hope you enjoy!

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5 Memorable Summer Seafood Pairings You Have to Try

Posted by Anderson Witherell on

When you think about summer, there are a few things that come to mind -- sunshine, fresh food, and backyard gatherings. Whether you love to cook for your family or host dinner parties for your friends, so many great memories are made around the table. This summer, take advantage of fresh seafood options, as nothing screams summer quite like a black cod dish with a cool glass of dry Riesling. More of a crab fan? Nothing says family bonding time like a golden king crab feast, served with potato salad and fresh corn on the cob. Don't Miss Out On...


10 Random Facts About Alaskan King Crab

Posted by Anderson Witherell on

Just imagine encountering a crab that has a leg span of up to six feet? Well, if you've ever enjoyed the deliciously sweet and rich taste of an Alaskan king crab, then you already have. These cold-water giants are highly sought-after, with the red king crab being the true "king" of the Alaskan waters. 10 Alaskan King Crab Facts Worth Sharing Interested to learn more about these interesting (and tasty) decapod crustaceans? We have you covered with these ten random facts. 1. There are over 100 species of king crab The red king crab -- the most prized of them...


The Sockeye Source: Captain Tony Wood

Posted by Brad Redding on

Tony Wood is the only independent salmon fishermen and processor in Bristol Bay, handling his entire supply chain, from boat to processing to selling.