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About Us

Welcome to the website of the Alaskan King Crab Co, located in Soldotna, Alaska, where we are devoted to educating and providing your plate with the best Alaskan king crab. 

 The popular show the Deadliest Catch, from the Discovery Channel, has enlightened and entertained the world about the dangers and rewards associated with the Alaskan king crab fishing industry. While most people think of Alaskan king crab as a luxury for dinner, until recently, few truly knew of the difficulties associated with harvesting this popular delicacy.

We hope that by navigating our website, you will learn more about this unique species of crab, and visit us often to purchase Alaskan king crab legs directly from the Bering sea. 

And, hopefully you will agree with us that the term "gargantuan" and Alaskan king crab were made for each other!