Alaskan King Crab
Grocery Store Alaskan King Crab
Here’s what you’re paying for with store-bought king crab:

  • Unstable, fluctuating storage temperatures: with no consistent standard, there’s no way to know if what you’re bringing home for dinner has been safely maintained.
  • Uncertain shelf life: store-bought king crab has a long, uncertain journey from sea to store. This can compromise shelf-life standards and lead to questionable quality.
  • Undeveloped freezing process: cutting corners on freezing processes and standards sacrifices taste. Everything that happens to your crab legs, from the moment they’re pulled onto the boat to the second you begin the defrosting process, affects the flavor.
Alaskan King Crab
The Alaskan King Crab Co. Difference
Here's what you can expect from Alaskan King Crab Co.:
  • Unparalleled delivery times: No matter where you live, you shouldn’t have to wait to enjoy Alaskan king crab legs. Your order will be shipped via overnight delivery.
  • Uncompromised processes: Your king crab legs will be hand-weighed and hand-packed with enough dry ice to ensure your order stays frozen throughout the journey.
  • Unmatched authenticity: We work with real boat captains and family-owned fisheries. Our king crab legs are wild-caught and sourced responsibly.
The difference is in the details

The difference is in the details

We know every step of our product’s journey — from sea to your table. You’ll never have to worry about contaminated, half-thawed seafood that’s been sitting out in a display case all day. Learn more here.

Our Process

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Every fisher we partner with has generations of experience and adheres to the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

  • Our king crab comes from the Bering and Barents Seas.
  • Our fish products are always wild-caught, not farmed.
  • All of our shrimp and prawns are either American-caught or sourced from responsible international fishers.
  • Check our product pages for specific information on every item.
Alaskan King Crab

Flash Freeze

At the conclusion of a fishing trip, the king crab or fish is brought inland to be sorted and cleaned. All king crab is cooked to perfection before being dipped in a below-freeze brine and getting a quick fresh-water rinse, which creates a protective glaze. The final step for fish and king crab is a flash-freezing process that locks in perfect taste and texture. Read more about flash freezing.

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Your order is packed in insulated, eco-friendly boxes with liners, air cushions, and more than 5 lbs of dry ice to keep every item continuously frozen until it arrives at your door the next day. And if you’re not home when UPS swings by, it’ll stay until you get home from work, too.

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We ship everything overnight because we insist on quality - and the best way to guarantee perfection upon arrival is to minimize touchpoints and maintain temperature. Any opportunity for pre-emptive thaw (think your grocer’s chill chest or a three-day shipping estimate) degrades the quality of your king crab and seafood. Because of our shipping commitment, the cut-off for next-day orders is 3 p.m. ET, Monday through Thursday. Any order over $300 ships for free!*

*Due to distance and transit time, orders shipping to Hawaii will incur an additional fee.

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Everything is individually vacuum-sealed, so you can thaw what you like and keep the rest frozen. (You’ll want to thaw and enjoy within 2-3 months for the best taste and texture, though.) We ask that you recycle or reuse the packing materials. Because dry ice can cause injury similar to a heat-related burn, you should wear protective gloves (or use a towel) if you move the dry ice from its packaging. To dispose of the dry ice, place it outside, and it will evaporate within 24 hours.