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Hand Rolled Salted Butter

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Experience the hand-rolled difference! This butter is churned the old-fashioned way and rolled in parchment with a human touch. This avoids the machine-made changes that leave your butter tasting greasy and cloying. Instead, this process leaves your butter with a silky taste that lingers long after it’s gone.

For King Crab Legs

We recommend 1-2 lbs. of king crab leg per adult; however, those with larger appetites might want to go 2-3 lbs. All of our king crab comes pre-cooked and flash frozen to preserve the rich flavor.

As far as crab leg sizes, here’s what to expect:

  • Extra, Extra Large Size: 1 ¼ - 2 ¼ lb per leg

  • Extra Large Size: ¾ - 1 lb per leg

  • Large Size: ½ - ¾ lb per leg

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us:

    For Fish

    One serving typically equals one 6-8 oz. portion of fish. Each pound of fish equals about 2 portions, or slightly more.

    In our variety packs, we try to divvy up each piece of fish to equal one portion, though every variety pack will differ slightly.

    For Prawns

    For one person, plan for ½ to 1 pound of prawns, depending on appetite and what other food you're preparing.

    Cooking Tips

    When our Alaskan King Crab arrives at your doorstep, it’s already been cooked to perfection, glazed for protection and flash-frozen for quality. How to prepare your king crab? We’re glad you asked.

    First, simply thaw in your fridge overnight. Then re-heat using your favorite method – adding herbs and other flavors if you like.

    Learn More Here

    Our Process

    New to King Crab Preparation?

    We Can Help!


    Where do you source your king crab from?

    We’re so glad you asked! Before it arrives at your door, all of our king crab is responsibly caught and sourced by expert suppliers and fishermen we know by name. Read more about our process here.

    How many legs are in a pound per crab size?

    Whether you’re eating for one, or ordering crab legs for a feast – we offer three categories: Giant, Colossal, and Super Colossal with different weights available for each size. In general, here are the ratios for crab legs per pound below.

    • Super colossal size: 1 1/4 - 2 1/4 lb. per leg
    • Colossal size: ¾ - 1 lb per leg
    • Giant size: 1/2 - 3/4 lb per leg
    Please note: Since each order is based on weight, the number of legs per pound will vary. Read more about our king crab servings here.

    How do I cook king crab legs?

    There are a number of ways you can enjoy king crab legs! You can steam, boil, bake, and grill them. Find more information in our 'How to Cook Alaska King Crab' guide here.

    How many crab legs should I order?

    It really depends on a few factors, including who you are feeding and what you will be serving alongside the crab legs. However, in general – we would suggest ordering between 1-2 pounds of crab legs per adult (with a moderate-to-large appetite). Still uncertain about how much to order? Contact us at

    How will my order be packed when it arrives?

    Rest assured: every product we sell is hand-packed in eco-friendly boxes with thermal lining and 5 lbs. of dry ice to keep it in prime condition when it arrives at your door. Pop it in the freezer for later, or start thawing right away – the option is yours. Learn more here.

    Once I place my order how long will it take to arrive?

    All Mon-Thurs orders are shipped overnight to ensure the utmost freshness upon arrival. The cutoff for next-day delivery is 3 pm EST. Orders that miss the cutoff will be shipped the following business day. Read more about our shipping policy here.

    What is the cutoff for next-day delivery?

    In order to receive your order the next day, you will need to order Monday through Thursday before 3 p.m. ET. We also offer Saturday shipping for a standard Fedex fee. Learn more on our full terms and conditions page here.