Our company was founded by fishers and their biggest fans. Our people don’t just have years of experience — they and their families have spent entire generations on the water. With that old-school approach to quality plus new, innovative ideas, we’re able to ensure that our seafood provides an outstanding dining experience every time. 

But how exactly does your order make the journey from our docks to your doorstep? 

Here’s a deep dive into our process:

Only the finest and freshest

We only sell what we stand behind, and that’s why every fisher we partner with has the highest standards of safety and sustainability. Our king crab comes from the Bering Sea, our salmon and halibut is always wild-caught and never farmed, and all of our shrimp and prawns are either American-caught or sourced by responsible international fishers. 

Flash-frozen for perfect quality

After the catch is made, it’s brought inland to be cleaned and sorted. The king crab is cooked to perfection, dipped in a below-freeze brine and then rinsed with cold water to create a protective glaze. The final step for both king crab and fish is to be flash-frozen to lock in taste and texture so that it's perfect when it arrives on your doorstep. 

Pro tip: Because we do have such high standards for quality, the cut-off time for next-day delivery is 3 p.m. EST Monday through Thursday. 

Knock, knock — deliciousness at your door

Your order arrives in individual vacuum-sealed bags, which have been placed in insulated, lined, eco-friendly boxes with more than five pounds of dry ice.

When the seafood hankering hits, you can thaw only what you’re ready to eat and keep the rest frozen for up to 2-3 months.  

Our Favorite Preparations

After delivery, the best way to thaw your order is overnight in the fridge for 8-12 hours. (It can be tempting to hurry the process by leaving seafood on the counter to defrost, but this is not a safe method!)

And, before you do any cooking or seasoning, briefly rinse your seafood under cold water to remove any existing surface bacteria.

Although many of our selections can be steamed, boiled, or poached, our favorite ways to prepare our king crab legs and seafood are by grilling or baking.


The first step is to clean your grill grate or grill pan thoroughly — those chunks of blackened sludge won’t do you any favors. 

Preheat your grill pan (the temperature will vary depending on your catch), then brush your seafood with olive oil to prevent sticking. The cook time varies depending on what you’re working with, but cook time is typically between four and ten minutes total. Pay attention to your cook time — the last thing you want is a dried-out, rubbery final product!

(Want to see the grilling process in action? Watch how to perfectly pan-grill Sockeye Salmon here.)


For the baking method, you’ll need a good baking dish, aluminum foil and any additional seasonings you prefer (like lemon, herbs or garlic). 

You’ll want to preheat your oven according to your specific recipe, but it will typically be around 350 degrees Fahrenheit and depends on your catch. Pour your marinade, seasoning, or herbs on your catch, then cover with foil. 

Pro tip: If you’re cooking with a convection oven, reduce your oven temperature by 25°F compared to what the recipe suggests for a conventional oven.

Want to learn more dos and don’ts for preparing your seafood? Read more here!

Remember: Quality counts — because you can’t out-cook a bad catch. Ultra-fresh king crab or seafood that’s prepared simply goes a long way in the taste department. 

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Sourced Straight from Sea to Table

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Sourced through trusted experts and chosen for taste, texture and quality.
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Flash frozen to lock in the fresh-off-the-dock taste.
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Packaged with dry ice and shipped overnight directly to your door.
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Simply thaw, prep, heat, and eat.
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