Crab isn’t the only king around here! From the myriad health benefits to the easy cook methods, our wild-caught fish are just as much of a delicacy as anything coming off the docks. So, here’s a quick round-up of our fish selection, as well as a few helpful specs for planning your order. 





Make your feast the smoothest with this fall-apart-in-your-mouth catch. Our Sockeye Salmon is wild-caught and hand-harvested in the waters of Alaska, where they grow into their famously oil-rich forms.

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Amp up the occasion with some of the richest filets we have to offer. Our Coho Salmon is wild-caught and hand-harvested in the Atlantic, where they thrive in beautiful, cool waters for a stunning result on your plate. 

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Take a twist to the table! Commonly known as Ahi Tuna, this catch boasts sushi-grade quality—perfect for sashimi and poké. Served raw, it adds a brilliant deep red hue to your meal display, not to mention its delectable combo of mild flavor and meaty texture. 

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Bring the King! Crowned as the Steak of the Sea, Swordfish offers a rich, fatty texture with a sweet, mild flavor for a hearty feast experience. Plus, it arrives already cut and trimmed for 100% yield. 

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Black Cod/Sablefish

Bring out the buttery stuff! Our Black Cod are wild-caught and hand-harvested in chilly Canadian waters where their oil-rich lightness rightfully earns the nickname “Butter Fish.”



Wild Alaskan Cod

Make your celebration a little crispier! Famous for its Fish-&-Chips flakiness, this Pacific catch is ideal for any crispy fried recipe, as well as a savory bake or roast. Its mild flavor makes for maximum versatility with can’t-miss deliciousness.  



Do it just for the Halibut! This fish is wild-caught and hand-harvested in Alaskan waters, where the fatty meat guarantees big, delectable flakes. A deliciously textured experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

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  • Filets range from 6 to 8 ounces
  • Roughly 1 filet feeds 1 dinner guest
  • Arrives Flash-Frozen to naturally preserve flavor and texture
  • Learn more about safe seafood storage here.

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Sourced Straight from Sea to Table

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Sourced through trusted experts and chosen for taste, texture and quality.
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Flash frozen to lock in the fresh-off-the-dock taste.
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Packaged with dry ice and shipped overnight directly to your door.
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Simply thaw, prep, heat, and eat.
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