Holidays are all about tradition, but what happens when you’re tired of a tradition? The problem is that the traditional turkey for Thanksgiving (and then Christmas shortly after) year after year can get pretty boring. If you’re like us, you take a small symbolic slice of turkey or ham and then fill your plate with yummy side items.  Why not try something new this Thanksgiving instead, with our turkey-dinner alternatives?

This year has been anything but traditional, so it’s the perfect year to switch things up for your holiday table. We’ve come up with some easy and delicious ideas that will please your taste buds and go well with the traditional side dishes you never tire of. Here’s to new, fun and yummy holiday traditions!


Crab and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms 

These are a great appetizer or amuse-bouche for your holiday guests. Simply stuff mushroom caps with a mixture of fresh crabmeat, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and bacon, and bake. Keep your guests’ and family’s mouths busy while you put the finishing touches on your holiday spread!



Surf and Turf

If you'd like to elevate your dinner table this season with a decadent selection from both land and sea, our full beef tenderloin surf and turf pairings are for you. These five-star feasts combine three of our most sought-after seafood offerings including Colossal Red King Crab LegsDungeness Crab Clusters and our Snow Crab Clusters with a USDA Choice Full Beef Tenderloin. 



Crab Topped Salmon

This mouth-watering main dish pairs two of our favorites: crab and salmon. If you’ve had trouble choosing between crab cakes and salmon at your favorite restaurant, you’ll love this recipe. Buttery, flaky, roasted salmon is topped with a crunchy and delectable crab cake-like mixture. This flavor is out of this world, and luxurious enough to make you wonder why you ever wasted your time on turkey! 

Pair this with your favorite Thanksgiving sides, like baked macaroni and cheese, broccoli casserole, rice pilaf, and cornbread and sage dressing. 



Broiled Lobster Tails

It’s hard to think of something more scrumptious, decadent and holiday-worthy than lobster. The buttery rich meat with a garlic butter on the side would be lovely paired with mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and creamed spinach. And speaking of garlic butter - our Mr. Stick's Just Add Butter Seafood Seasoning makes it easy peasy. Lobster will make this a Thanksgiving to remember. Nobody will even remember the turkey!



Orange Pomegranate Baked Salmon

Orange Pomegranate Baked Salmon is a beautiful main dish that would both look amazing and taste amazing. Simply bake salmon with pomegranate seeds and orange slices, making for a colorful display when laid on a platter. Red onions, olive oil, and fresh dill add additional flavor and color.



King Crab Legs

Thinking about forgoing turkey and ham all together this year? Our Alaskan King Crab Legs are the perfect supplement and are sure to create buzz around the buffet. When determining your serving size, we recommend 1-2 pounds of king crab per adult. However, those who come with an extra Thanksgiving appetite might want to go 2-3 pounds. We can go without mentioning that all of our king crab come pre-cooked and flash frozen to preserve the rich flavor. Simply thaw in the refrigerator the night before and warm using your preferred method for four minutes to heat through. 



We’re convinced these Thanksgiving dinner alternatives are the best and most delicious way to freshen up your table this year. Don’t forget to always start with premium quality ingredients for the best results. 

Have fun making new traditions! We wish you and yours a happy and appetizing Thanksgiving.

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