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Posted by Anderson Witherell on

3 Ways Seafood Can Improve Your Love Life

3 Ways Seafood Can Improve Your Love Life

Relationship advice is never hard to find, especially this time of year. And with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, you’re probably thinking of all the ways you can let that special someone know how you feel. Maybe you’ve snagged the perfect gift, or you’re finally following through on that house project you’ve been promising to tackle for the past nine months... No matter how you plan to show your love on the 14th, just make sure you include seafood in the plans.

Yes, you read that correctly: seafood. It may sound silly, but seafood is actually more important to the health and success of your romantic life than you may have realized. Not convinced? Here are three ways eating more seafood can elevate your love life (you can thank us later).

1. Seafood is for Lovers

You’ve probably heard about certain types of seafood — most notably oysters — being aphrodisiacs, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Whether or not you believe in the power of aphrodisiacs, recent research suggests there actually is a link between eating more seafood and having a more active sex life.

A 2018 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endrocrinology and Metabolism followed 501 American couples trying to conceive over the course of a year. Not only did the couples who regularly ate seafood — with “regularly” being defined as twice per week — have an easier time conceiving, the study revealed they also had sex more frequently. While we all know that causation is not necessarily correlation, a more fulfilling romantic life is certainly one of the more compelling reasons to eat more seafood that we’ve ever heard.

2. Seafood is Literally Good for Your Heart

If you’re going to give someone your heart, you better make sure it’s as healthy of a heart as possible. Luckily, fish is packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart attack. Most nutritionists recommend eating fish at least twice per week to really reap these benefits, with fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna being the best sources for omega-3s.

And sure, we know your actual heart and Valentine’s Day hearts aren’t the same thing, and that your cardiac health might not have much to do with “giving your heart” to someone you love, but think of it this way: there’s no greater gift you can give your loved ones than to take care of yourself.

3. Seafood Won’t Weigh You Down

If you’ve ever finished a Thanksgiving dinner and instantly felt that weighed down, sleepy feeling, then you know eating a heavy meal is not great for lively conversation or romantic pursuits. However, since seafood is generally light and lower in calories, you won’t have to worry about feeling weighed down and sluggish on a date when you order fish for dinner. Instead, you’ll be able to keep the conversation going and focus on spending time with your partner, rather than calling it an early night.

So, this Valentine’s Day, put your love life first and make sure seafood is on the menu.

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