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Posted by Anderson Witherell on

3 Must-Try Seafood One-Pot Recipes

3 Must-Try Seafood One-Pot Recipes

We’ve all been there: 

You’ve cook up a fantastic meal and thoroughly enjoyed it, but now you’re full on food and maybe a few glasses of wine deep when you remember…the kitchen is a huge mess.

Nothing ruins the relaxing post-meal feelings like a messy kitchen and a pile of dishes. Not only can cleaning the kitchen be unpleasant when there’s dried on sauces to scrub, but it’s time consuming and anything but relaxing. Even if you put on some music and try to make the best of it, cleaning up is still a chore.

That’s why we’re all about meals that make cleaning up a breeze. Enter: the one-pot meal. By cooking an entire meal in one pot, you can avoid the stressful challenge of managing multiple pans on multiple burners — not to mention shortening the cleaning up process so you can get back to enjoying your down time sooner.

Here are three must-try seafood one-pot recipes to make this week for an easy, low-mess dinner the whole family will love:

Salmon and Corn Chowder

This salmon and corn chowder is light enough to enjoy in the summer, but hearty enough to keep everyone satisfied. While the original recipe suggests cooking over an open fire or woodfired grill, you can still make this on the stovetop without losing any depth of flavor. With potatoes, corn, heavy cream and tender salmon, this chowder tastes decadent. Fresh squeeze lemon and fresh dill bring a brightness and the whole dish comes together in less than 45 minutes, with minimal chopping and only one big pot to wash. Try it and let us know what you think. 

One-pot Jambalaya

As one of seafood’s most famous dishes, you knew we had to put a jambalaya recipe on here, right? This one streamlines the process for a quick and easy one-pot jambalaya that saves you time, but doesn’t sacrifice flavor. In the 20 minutes it takes the rice to soften, you’ll have a meaty, veggie-packed dinner that combines the richness of shrimp with the salty punch of kielbasa. All you have to do is throw everything in the pot in the right order, then stir a few times and watch it all come together. 

Creamy One-pot Spinach and Shrimp Pasta

This spinach and shrimp pasta recipe is so simple that you don’t even have to drain your pasta — it cooks right in the broth and milk that becomes the sauce. Not only does this pasta dish come together quickly, but it uses minimal ingredients that you may even already have on hand. However, while the ingredients are simple, the taste is anything but. Luckily, since this only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, you won’t mind when your family requests it just about every week. 

Quick, easy and delicious — it doesn’t get much better than that. 

More good news: the shopping is just as easy as the cooking.



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