More often than not, we see seafood dressed up with citrus and herbs. Now, don't get us wrong — some fresh dill and a squeeze of lemon is a great combo with a nice piece of salmon. However, there are countless other ways to spice up your seafood and test out different flavor combinations. 

To give you some ideas of how to step outside the citrus-and-herb box, we've rounded up some of our favorite seafood and spice pairings.  

White Fish + Chili Powder 

We've waxed poetic on this blog before about the deliciousness of fish tacos — and that starts with the perfect spice rub. Chili powder is full of flavor and pairs nicely with the mildness of white fish, like halibut and cod. Add in some cumin, garlic powder and paprika, and you'll have yourself a stellar homemade taco seasoning.  

Shrimp + Curry Powder

The strong, savory flavor of curry combines perfectly with the sweetness of shrimp. Stew together with some coconut milk and your favorite vegetables and you'll have a comforting, flavorful meal. 

King Crab Legs + Old Bay

OK, we're guessing you saw this one coming. If there was one spice that was synonymous with seafood, it's Old Bay. It's a must for any seafood boil and highlights the flavor in all shellfish. Shake it over the shells liberally and dig in. 

Salmon + Cajun Seasoning

The sweet and spicy depth of cajun seasoning is an ideal match for the unique flavor of salmon. While you can buy premade, you can also make your own with a combination of spices you likely already have in your spice cabinet. 

Any Seafood + Auntie Nono's Everything Seasoning

It might seem like an exaggeration, but Auntie Nono's Everything Seasoning quite literally goes on everything, meaning you can sprinkle it on top of any type of seafood you're cooking and enjoy enhanced flavor. Trust us: Everyone you know will be asking for your new secret ingredient.  

Beyond these suggestions, don't be afraid to experiment. Just like other proteins, seafood can take on a variety of different flavors and cuisines. There's a whole new world out there beyond the citrus and herbs! Try different combinations to find your favorite. 

Get cooking.

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