We are now a fortnight into the new year, and the inevitable New Year's resolutions are beginning to take hold. If healthy eating is on your list - we hope you’ll join us in adding seafood to the mix! Each seafood offering provides various different health benefits that will keep you on-track and provide delicious and fresh flavor.

King Crab

King crab is our bread and butter, and if you have never tried it - it's a must. Not only is king crab incredibly flavorful and high in protein, but it can also work as an excellent replacement for fattier meats such as bacon or sausage. Crab is known as a superfood: in addition to its great taste and essential proteins, king crab also contains omega-3 fatty acids - these acids reduce the risk of heart disease and improve brain function.

King Crab Recipes

If you're looking for the perfect way to kick off your crab consumption, you’re in luck because king crab is tasty in most any dish. One popular option (and our favorite) is to warm your crab legs with your preferred method and dip the meat into a big bowl of Mr. Stick's Original Just Add Butter Seafood Seasoning.  When mixed with butter, the Mr. Stick's Seasoning provides the perfect balance between zesty lemon and hearty garlic - an ideal complement to king crab. 

If you’d like to really switch it up - we mean what we say. King Crab is delectable as a substitute or addition in most any recipe you could make. Here’s a list of unexpected dishes you can try with crab legs. 



Alaskan halibut is a large, slender flatfish known for its mild flavor and large, flaky white fillets. Halibut is an excellent choice if you’re focusing on healthier eating habits this year because it has little to no saturated fat or cholesterol and is high in proteins. 

Halibut Fish Tacos

Wild-caught Alaskan Halibut will instantly elevate Taco Tuesday as its sweet flavor is the ideal complement to a spicy salsa. Simply pan-fry the diced fish in olive oil and season with chili powder, smoked paprika and cumin. Then, top with your favorite taco toppings and dig in!



Cod is another white fish that boasts a variety of health benefits. Cod contains high amounts of selenium and vitamin B12 and pairs well with your favorite grilled veggies.

Good Ole' Fish Sticks

For an adult take on the classic fish stick, try mixing grated parmesan cheese with panko crumbs, fresh parsley and garlic powder, then bread your cod. Spray the breaded fish with olive oil and bake for 10-15 minutes at 400 degrees. If you like a crispy crust, try turning on the broiler for the last few minutes. The best news? This method of preparation even tends to be kid-approved.


Salmon is a go-to choice for many of our customers. Not only is it high in proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, but it also contains a healthy dose of magnesium - perfect for improving your sleep!

Salmon and Corn Chowder

This salmon and corn chowder is light enough to enjoy in the summer, but hearty enough to keep everyone satisfied. While the original recipe suggests cooking over an open fire or wood fired grill, you can still make this on the stovetop without losing any depth of flavor. With potatoes, corn, heavy cream and tender salmon, this chowder tastes decadent. Fresh squeezed lemon and fresh dill bring a brightness and the whole dish comes together in less than 45 minutes, with minimal chopping and only one big pot to wash. Try it and let us know what you think.


Last but not least - shrimp! Shrimp boasts the highest amount of protein per serving of any seafood option. They also contain iron and selenium, improving muscle recovery and reducing fatigue. Another great Whole30 seafood option!

Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp is one of those ingredients that can fit into various recipes, but it’s also delicious on its own in good ole’ fashioned peel-and-eat form. (Especially when sprinkled with or dunked in Auntie Nono's Seafood Seasoning!) For a simple stir-fry recipe, add fresh shrimp, seasonal sugar snap peas, and your favorite grain (we love quinoa or brown rice!) - it’s as simple as it is delicious. This savory combination is a hit in both the flavor and texture categories. Add a bit of oil and garlic to the mix and you won’t be disappointed.


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Making a healthy choice for your diet does not have to be complicated or tedious. And believe it or not, adding seafood into the mix can help you accomplish your goals! As always, the most fresh and high quality seafood ingredients, the better. 

And - if you're following the Whole30 meal plan, we've curated a collection of  seafood options to make your freezer-stocking easy. 

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