Cooking a perfect seared Ahi tuna steak can be intimidating, but with the proper technique and some practice, you can master this restaurant-quality dish in your own kitchen. The best thing about Alaskan King Crab Co.’s Wild Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) is that it is sushi-grade quality, so whether you like your tuna steak rare or fully cooked through, there is no risk for food-borne illness as long as you properly handle and store it. 

First, you'll need the following: 

- 1, 6 oz Wild Yellowfin Tuna steak (Ahi) per person

- Olive oil or sunflower oil 

- Salt and pepper to taste 

- Optional seasonings such as garlic powder, paprika, oregano, etc.  

- Optional garnishes such as lemon wedges or chopped fresh herbs for flavor and presentation. 




  1. Start by preparing your ingredients. Pat dry one 6 oz Wild Yellowfin Tuna steak (Ahi) with paper towels and season both sides with salt and pepper. For extra flavor, you may also want to season it further with garlic powder, paprika, or other desired spices. 
  1. Heat up a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat until hot enough that drops of water evaporate when added to the pan's surface. Add two tablespoons of oil to coat the entire bottom of the skillet and let it heat for about 30-45 seconds before adding in the seasoned tuna steak. 
  1. Place the piece of tuna into the hot skillet carefully so as not to splatter oil onto yourself or elsewhere in your kitchen space – use tongs if needed! Let it cook undisturbed on one side for 1 minute before flipping it over using two spatulas; you don't want to break apart any parts while flipping, so make sure they're flipped gently yet securely at once! 
  1. Continue cooking on high heat for another minute before reducing the flame to a low/medium level setting (if needed). Check the inside thickness of steaks during this time - depending on your preference of temperature, you can either remove the tuna steak from the heat immediately, or if you want it cooked through a bit more, you can turn the flame back up again briefly until cooked to your desired temperature. 
  1. Finally, serve these delicious seared tuna steaks while warm alongside fresh vegetables such as green beans, carrots slices, or roasted potatoes - Yum! Enjoy!



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