Spring calls for all things fresh — and that includes your menu! We love seafood all year round, but there’s something about warmer weather that makes a light, flavorful seafood meal hit all the right notes.

With the world in bloom, it’s the perfect time to incorporate fresh vegetables into your dinner rotation. Learn how to cook spring veggies with your favorite seafood dishes with these five complementary pairings.

Salmon + Roasted Asparagus

April is peak season for asparagus, making it the perfect side dish for well-prepared, wild-caught salmon. Salmon is loved for its firm texture and rich flavor, and a simple asparagus preparation with a touch of lemon lets the fish shine brightly. Pro tip: Our Quinault Coho Salmon comes straight from the waters of the Puget Sound and is ideal for spring grilling.

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Shrimp + Sugar Snap Peas 

A simple stir-fry with fresh shrimp, seasonal sugar snap peas, and your favorite grain is as easy as it is mouthwatering. This savory combination is a win in both the flavor and texture categories. Add a bit of oil and garlic to the mix and you won’t be disappointed. 

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King Crab Legs + Steamed Artichokes

King Crab Legs are one of life’s most enjoyable luxuries — and when paired with the right side dish, a simple weeknight meal can turn into a favorite memory. Crab legs can be prepared a number of ways. We love them steamed, which makes them a wonderful companion to steamed artichokes. With a bit of lemon and garlic, you’re in business.

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Halibut + Spinach Salad

With Wild Alaskan Halibut and a crisp spinach salad, you’re in for a delicious, nutritious meal. Our skinless, boneless halibut has an especially flaky texture and delicate flavor, and a simple (but fresh) spinach salad won’t overwhelm the dish.

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Crab Claws + Twice-Baked Potatoes

Crab claws are naturally lean and low in calories, so pairing them with a hearty side dish like rich, creamy twice-baked potatoes ensures nobody leaves the table hungry. Plus, baked potatoes are fun for each family member to customize to their liking with bacon bits, sour cream, chives, and more. Give our Jonah Crab Cocktail Claws a try for succulent, satisfying flavor that’s a less expensive alternative to Stone Crab Claws. 

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Nothing says “fresh” like wild-caught seafood shipped overnight to your doorstep — and we can help in that department!  Order your spring bounty now.
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