We all have our own definition of comfort foods. Maybe comfort food for you means your favorite cookies your grandmother makes. Or a full plate of Thanksgiving dinner. We're not here to challenge the definition of what brings you comfort; instead, we're looking to expand the definition of what makes a typical comfort food. And, generally speaking, comfort foods are a bit indulgent, makes you feel warm and cozy...and are almost always covered in cheese.  

Right off the bat, we can see the problem here. While seafood can often feel like a treat, the extensive health benefits and lower calorie content aren't what we would necessarily call "indulgent." Plus, among proteins, seafood is probably the least likely to be covered in cheese.  

But we're not going to let that deter us. We're here to prove a point, after all: seafood can be comfort food. And we're going to prove it.  

Example #1: Lobster Mac and Cheese

You had to know we'd pull this card, right? There are few menu items that qualify as more indulgent, more warm and cozy, and more covered in cheese than lobster mac and cheese. Whether as a side dish or as the main event, it is undeniably a comfort food.  

Example #2: Seafood Bisque

A warm bowl of soup is instantly comforting and the deep flavors of a seafood bisque is enough to make anyone feel instantly relaxed. Whether crab or lobster, the creamy richness is bound to bring you comfort. 

Example #3: Crab Nachos

Nachos are a classic comfort food and they offer a good degree of versatility in order to get them exactly how you like them. While beef or chicken usually steal the show here, topping your nachos with crab meat instantly elevates this diner appetizer to an extra special meal. 

Example #4: Crab Legs

Stay with us on this one. There's something methodic and mesmerizing about picking crabs — it's a rewarding activity that allows you to really lose yourself in the experience. While it might not be covered in cheese, we're willing to call it comforting because of two reasons: 1) what's cozier than melted butter on the side?, and 2) we dare you to pick a rack of crab legs and still feel stresed afterwards.  

Example #5: Fish and Chips 

This classic British dish is a favorite across the pond for a reason. In fact, we're willing to take it a step further and say that pretty much any fried seafood  — from popcorn shrimp to calamari — deserves a spot on the comfort food run down. Add in the right dipping sauce and you'll have yourself the perfect meal for when you need a little extra coziness. 

See? We told you. 

Get comforted. 



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