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5 Menu Ideas for a Pescatarian Holiday

5 Menu Ideas for a Pescatarian Holiday

Confession: We think turkey is a little...overrated. 

That's why we're fully embracing a pescatarian holiday this year, with a seafood feast that everyone is bound to be grateful for. After all, who says you can't have your fish and eat it, too? (That is the expression, isn't it?)  

Here are our top five ideas to add a little seafood into your holiday menu this year: 

Jumbo lump crab cakes 

Easy to incorporate as an appetizer or a side dish, crab cakes have the advantage of feeling special, while still having all the qualities we love in comfort food. Just make sure you're using the real deal (no canned crab for this special day!) and using the best of the best crab meat. Find a recipe with minimal fillers and let that true delicious flavor of crab shine. 

Shrimp in garlic butter

Hear us out. Shrimp in garlic butter goes great with another holiday staple that we're willing to bet is already on your menu plan — that's right, we're talking about mashed potatoes. However, if you're looking for a more traditional way to incorporate shrimp in your holiday feast, opt for the classic shrimp cocktail. 

Salmon filets 

It might feel a little unconventional at first, but we'd be in favor of replacing the turkey all together with salmon (or another fish of your choice). The preparation options are endless and you can easily find flavor combinations that work well with the rest of your menu items. We promise once those plates are full that no one will miss the bird.  

Lobster tails

Why not go big this holiday season? It's been a hard year for many, so if there was ever a time to serve lobster during the holidays to raise your family's spirits, this is the year. Plus, if you're choosing to have a smaller gathering this year for safety reasons, it's the perfect opportunity to splurge. 

Seafood chowder

If your holiday meal doesn't traditionally include a soup course, now's the perfect opportunity to change that. A hearty seafood chowder can set the tone for a cozy meal and you can use any combination of seafood to make it your own, from white fish, to crab meat, to shrimp. 

With these seafood menu items, not only will your pescatarian guests feel extra grateful, but even the meat eaters will delight in new spins on old traditions. Just don't be surprised if everyone wants you to make the crab cakes again next year…

Get cooking.