Is there anything more satisfying than cracking into crab legs? We certainly don’t think so! Crab legs are widely sought after for their tender taste and sweet flavor — in fact, crab is often what converts “non-seafood” people into loyal fans. Each variety of crab comes with its own flavor delights. Read on to discover the differences between the types of crab we typically carry. 


The first difference to note between these various crabs is the sheer size. Alaskan king crabs are the biggest option in the world — a single king crab can reach more than 20 pounds and have a leg span of up to five feet! Snow crabs are significantly smaller than king crab, but bigger than stone crabs.


Across the board, seafood lovers enjoy crab for its sweet flavor — no matter the type. There are some key differences, though. Snow crab has a sweet, slightly briny flavor while king crab features a rich sweetness, not unlike lobster in its taste. Stone crab claw meat is boldly sweet and firm, and doesn’t need much accompaniment as far as condiments go. That said, stone crab claws are sometimes served with mustard — a tangy match for their signature sweetness. 


Although most crab is beloved for its sweet, delicate taste, the texture varies greatly between species. Snow crab meat is on the firm side — it’s more fibrous and shreddable compared to the others. Not only are snow crabs much smaller in size, but they also have softer outer shells that can be cracked using just your hands (although a tool keeps things tidy!). Alaskan king crab is known and loved for its long, smooth ropes of meat in each leg. The tender texture and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth leg meat makes the tough crack into the leg well worth it.

Unlike the other two, only one claw of the stone crab is removed by the fisherman — the rest is released (unharmed) back into the water, where they are able to grow another claw! As for the claw that shows up on your dinner plate, it is delightfully meaty and succulent. 


Snow crabs prefer the deep, cold water of Northern seas, and are typically found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans. Our Alaskan Super Jumbo Snow Crab Clusters come from the deep waters off of Juneau, Alaska. 

Similarly, king crab loves the cold waters off the coast of Alaska, and we source ours from the Bering Sea. On the other hand, stone crabs dwell in sunnier, more Southern climates like the South Atlantic coast. When we have them in stock, our stone crabs are caught in the beautiful crystal waters of Stock Island, which is at the southern tip of The Florida Keys.

Of course, texture, flavor and taste start with a high quality catch! Ready for your seafood feasts? Order your snow crab clusters here, and heaps of king crab legs here.

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