Here at Alaskan King Crab Co., we love all types of crab. One of our favorites, and one that doesn't get the attention it deserves, is Dungeness Crab. We’ve provided you with some facts you may or may not know about this delicious species, and we took a step further to highlight recipes we already have to make it easy for you to indulge. 

Delicious Delicacy 

Dungeness crab is known for its succulent and sweet meat and is loaded with Vitamin b-12 and tons of omega-3’s. The body of the Dungeness crab is tender, whereas the leg meat is slightly firmer. This sweet crab can be prepared in a variety of ways. Simply steam, grill, bake, or boil to enjoy! 

Abundant Across the West Coast 

Dungeness crabs inhabit a range of environments, including sandy bottoms, eelgrass beds, and rocky areas. They spend most of their time on the West Coast of North America, from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska down to the central coast of California. (Ours are wild-caught in Alaska!)

Nighttime Scavengers 

Dungeness crabs are primarily active during the night. They venture out of their homes to search for food, using their powerful claws to catch and eat their prey, including fish, mollusks, and eleven algae. Dungeness crabs also have very sensitive front legs that enable them to detect and analyze the chemical composition of food before they consume it! 

Reproductive Behaviors 

Male Dungeness crabs use a series of mating displays to attract a female. These involve movements, postures, and drumming their claws on the shell. Once the mating is over, the females carry the fertilized eggs attached to their stomachs until they hatch. 

Colorful and Camouflage

As Dungeness crabs age, their coloration changes. This species tends to a brownish-green appearance and gradually becomes purple-hued as they grow older. They are incredibly skilled at blending into their surroundings with the help of the hundreds of fine hairs on their shell. These hairs help them attach debris, algae, and other organisms to their bodies to protect themselves against predators. Dungeness crabs can also protect themselves by shedding their shells when they suspect danger. 

Lifespan and Slow Growth 

Dungeness crabs have a relatively long lifespan compared to other crab species - typically around 8 to 13 years! However, they are slow growers and take several years to reach maturity. This makes it very important to know when the right time to harvest Dungeness crab is.


Now that you've been caught up to speed on Dungeness crab, it's time to test your culinary creativity. Try out these two Dungeness Crab recipes you will be sure to enjoy! 

Lamb and Dungeness Crab Surf and Turf 

Experience a mouthwatering twist on the classic surf and turf with the Lamb and Dungeness Crab Surf and Turf recipe. This delectable dish features marinated Dungeness Crab Clusters and a succulent Rack of Lamb cooked to perfection. Served alongside grilled oranges and homemade chimichurri, this recipe is the epitome of a perfect summer meal. The marinade, made with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon, and mustard, infuses both the crab and lamb with incredible flavor. Grill the crab clusters for a charred and smoky touch, while the lamb is cooked until tender and juicy. Serve the sliced lamb chops with the crab clusters, grilled oranges, and a drizzle of chimichurri for a stunning and delicious surf and turf experience.

Spicy Crab Stuffed Mushrooms 

Indulge in the sensational flavors of spicy crab stuffed mushrooms with this delightful and easy-to-make recipe. Using fresh Alaska Dungeness crab, known for its sweet flavor and flaky white meat, these appetizers are a crowd-pleasing choice for any occasion. The mushrooms are carefully filled with a mixture of crab meat, cheddar and Monterey cheese, onion, garlic, old bay seasoning, and breadcrumbs for a satisfying crunch. Baked to perfection, these delectable bites can be enjoyed as a standalone treat or paired with other appetizers. Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply craving a luxurious snack, these spicy crab-stuffed mushrooms are sure to impress!

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