There’s nothing we love more than celebrating our beautiful planet. And while Earth Day may only come once a year, we’re thankful for sustainability practices that allow us to make a positive impact year-round. That’s because we know that the way we do business is about much more than just our bottom line.

When it comes to fishing and crabbing, sustainability isn’t just a fancy buzzword. Overfishing can cause serious damage to ecosystems, affecting the food chain and potentially endangering species. Maintaining healthy ecosystems and practicing sustainable fishing is important to continuing to provide fish as a food source that is optimally nutritious. Overfishing or fish farming can lead to an increase in bacteria, viruses and parasites among the fish population. Plus, fish farms utilize antibiotics, fungicides and other chemicals to combat these diseases, which can perpetuate the problem — leading to water pollution and a compromised final product making it to your dinner table.

So, what does sustainability actually mean when it comes to seafood? 

For us, it means working with fishers who have high standards and decades of experience in their craft. It means prioritizing safety and the continuation of the fish, crab and shellfish populations we harvest above all else, even profits. It means knowing exactly where every single box of seafood we ship originated. In case you’re wondering, our king crab comes from the Bering Sea, our salmon and halibut are always wild-caught, and our shrimp and prawns are either American-caught or responsibly sourced from international fishers.

Simply put, we don’t compromise on sustainability because we know our customers don’t deserve it and we know our planet can’t afford it. In order to keep enjoying the nutritious and tasty benefits of seafood, we need to protect our ecosystems and minimize harm to the species that inhabit them.

Of course, our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop on dry land. We ship every package in an eco-friendly box and strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle or reuse the packing materials. 

This Earth Day, we invite you to join us in practicing a little extra sustainability in your everyday life. Here are a few small actions you can take to protect our planet: 

  • Consider walking, biking or taking public transportation when possible.
  • Get in the habit of limiting waste and recycling.
  • Conserve water in the shower and when you wash dishes.
  • Eat less red meat.
  • Swap out your lightbulbs for eco-friendly lighting
  • Support businesses with transparent environmental policies

As we try to do our part to honor the Earth, it’s important to remember that while we can’t do everything, we can all do something. Even small acts of sustainability can add up to have a big impact over time. What might be a minor inconvenience to you could be a significant help to the planet we all share together.

Looking for something easy to start with? Buy sustainable seafood — it’s good for the Earth and good for your body.

Shop our wild-caught fish today.


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