Looking for the perfect pour to go with your succulent seafood celebration? You’re in luck! Ahead, we’re rounding up six popular pairings to go with your seafood spread.

Fish and Chips + Pale Ale

This English and Irish staple is a go-to on St. Patrick’s Day, or for any event that calls for hearty, comforting food. Since this dish is typically heavily fried in batter, it’s best to balance that with a lighter, easy-drinking beer like a pale ale. Plus, the floral and citrus notes in a pale ale complement the lemon and vinegar you’ll spritz atop your fish. 

Looking for a lighter option for traditional fish and chips? Try grilling or pan-searing fresh fish and adding a side of baked potato wedges. 

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Salmon + IPA

Because salmon is such a versatile fish, it’s ideal for both special celebrations and weeknight dinners alike. Baked, grilled, poached, sautéed, or steamed, the fatty texture and hearty flavors remain no matter how you cook it (that is, if it is a high quality catch!). 

Because of its rich flavor, an IPA is a beautiful pairing. The bitter hops in the IPA slice through the fattiness of the fish without totally overwhelming it. But be warned: IPAs are not for the faint drinkers! Better sip slowly if you don’t want to wobble away from the dinner table. 

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Seafood Chowder + Blonde Ale

The weather is usually a toss up in March around St. Patrick’s Day, but on a misty, wet day (like those they have so frequently in Ireland), nothing beats a warm, hearty bowl of chowder. If you’re planning a big pot of seafood chowder full of onion, potatoes, and dairy, a pint of lovely, light blonde ale is the perfect pairing. 

Crab Legs + Pilsners

Nothing says “fun get-together” like a table full of crab legs waiting to be devoured! Wash down the exquisitely rich, buttery decadence of king crab legs with a crisp pilsner. Together, each elevates the other's flavor, taking your next crab feast to a whole new level. 

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Prawns + Hefeweizen 

Whether you’re passing around a spicy prawn cocktail or gathering round an outdoor table for an old-fashioned prawn boil, a hefeweizen is the best fit. Arguably one of the best beers for drinking outside, a hefeweizen feels like a springtime celebration — and it won’t overwhelm the delicate flavor of your prawns.

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Of course, the “right” beer pairing is the one you love most. And with a savory seafood meal and great conversation among friends, you’re sure to make any celebration memorable — no matter your beverage of choice. 

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