Salmon is widely beloved for its deep red color, impeccable texture, and endless versatility — but did you know that by eating salmon, you're doing your entire body a favor, not just your taste buds! With a long list of nutritional benefits, it seems that salmon is good for you from head to toe. Ahead, we’re hitting the highlights:


1. Heart health never tasted so good.

Salmon contains certain polyunsaturated fatty acids that can help improve serum cholesterol, which is a key indicator of a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease. Regularly eating salmon has even been linked to lower levels of triglycerides and several other risk factors for heart disease. 

Salmon also contains a compound called astaxanthin, which is linked to several important health effects. The most significant perk is that astaxanthin has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease by reducing oxidation of LDL (the bad) cholesterol and increasing levels of HDL (the good) cholesterol. Astaxanthin does more than that — it can benefit everything from your nervous system to your skin.

(Fun fact: Astaxanthin is what gives salmon its signature red hue!)


2. Give your brain a boost. 

Salmon is packed to the gills (pun intended) with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, crucial elements to neurological function and cognition. It also contains a host of other brain-boosting elements like selenium and choline, which are important for overall brain health. 

Tiny brains need salmon too! Eating salmon while pregnant or nursing can have a huge impact on fetal brain development. The main reason why is because salmon is chock-full of DHA, a type of polyunsaturated fat that's at the ready in salmon and other fish.


3. A meal for mental health.

Eating fish, including salmon, can positively impact mental health. In recent years, studies have connected regular fish consumption to reduced depressive symptoms and decreased anxiety. As a bonus, eating fish is also linked to slowing down age-related memory loss and can even lower the risk of dementia.


4. Love your weight loss journey. 

Study after study shows that eating a nutrient-dense diet is key to losing weight (and keeping it off). The lean protein in salmon is just the ticket; just one four-ounce serving of salmon has about 26 grams of protein. That amount of protein can help you fill up, feel satisfied longer, and even curb cravings. Even though salmon is high in protein, it’s low in calories. Studies show that your metabolic rate actually increases more after eating protein-rich foods (like salmon) compared with other food. Essentially, an increased metabolic rate means your body won’t cling to every calorie.


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