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You Need to Try These Seafood Toast Ideas

You Need to Try These Seafood Toast Ideas

We're just going to say it — avocado toast has had the spotlight for long enough. It's seafood toast's turn now.  

When you think about it, seafood toast is really the perfect food. It's delicious, nutritious, easy to throw together and can be eaten entirely with one hand. Even better? The combinations are endless.  

So, next time you have a hankering for toast, use these ideas as inspiration to dress it up. 

Crab Toast

With plenty of flavor options, you could eat crab toast every day and never get sick of it. You could mix up a lemon aioli, melt on some sharp cheddar for an open-faced sandwich or even start with a mashed avocado base. 

Baked Shrimp Toast

Need seafood toast for a crowd? Look no further than this baked shrimp toast recipe, which uses a creamy shrimp salad and fresh basil, all baked over toasted bread in the oven. Not a fan of shrimp? You could also easily swap out crab or even fish to make this seafood salad toast. 

Cilantro-Lime Avocado Shrimp Toast

We've raved about how great cilantro and lime go with shrimp before, and toast provides the perfect vehicle for this flavor bomb. Simply start with an avocado base, mix up chopped shrimp with lime juice and chopped cilantro, then spread over crusty bread. 

Smoked Salmon Toast

It's a breakfast favorite for a reason! Whether on a bagel or toast, lox and cream cheese is second in command to peanut butter and jelly. While smoked salmon may be the classic, you can also easily substitute baked salmon or salmon salad. Just don't skimp on the cream cheese — it's essential. 

Lobster Roll

OK, so this may technically fall into the sandwich category, but a proper lobster roll should be stuffed full enough that it's basically open-faced, so we're letting it slide. With warm chunks of high quality lobster mixed together into the perfect filling, you'll have yourself a New England experience in every bite. 

So, now that you have lunch figured out for the next six days, you can help us start the movement to allow seafood toast to take its rightful place over avocado toast in the popularity contest. 

You find the bread, we'll provide the seafood. 

Let's make toast.