Move over, wine. Today, we're pairing our seafood with beer.  

It's true that wine and seafood pairings are more likely to show up on a restaurant menu, but trust us when we say that a nice cold one deserves just as much of a place at your seafood table. 


So, next time seafood is on the menu, consider choosing one of these proven-delicious pairings: 


Wheat Beer and Tuna Steaks

Known as one of the fishier-tasting fish, the strong, hearty flavor of tuna goes great with the light spice of a wheat beer. Plus, wheat beers are known for going great with citrus — like oranges! — so don't be afraid to take this flavor combo to the next level by embracing a citrus marinade for your fish as well. 

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Amber Ales and Fish Tacos

The maltiness of an amber ale complements the smoky spice of a good fish taco without overriding it. And let's be honest — if you're going to have tacos, you should also have beer. It's practically a law. 

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IPA and Salmon

Salmon is one of the fattiest, richest fish out there, which makes it pair perfectly with the bitterness in an IPA. While this pairing isn't for the faint beer drinker, IPA fans won't believe how well these two seemingly mismatched flavors go together.
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Pilsners and Crab Legs 

The rich, buttery decadence of king crab legs washes down great with the balance of a crisp Pilsner. Together, each elevates the other's flavor, taking your next crab feast to a whole other level. 
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Stout and Oysters

Yes, it might seem strange to recommend a dark beer with the light taste of oysters, but these two opposites are actually a match made in heaven. The depth of the stout works wonderfully with the brine of fresh oysters. Not a fan of dark beers? Try your oysters with a sour beer and see how that pairing works for you. 


Pale Ale and Shrimp

While dark beers can certainly go well with seafood (see above!), we recommend a pale ale with your next shrimp dish. The rich, subtle flavor of shrimp can be easily overpowered, so a light beer is your best bet when eating this fan favorite seafood. 

Of course, while we can recommend pairings all day long, the ultimate choice should come down to your taste preferences. Got a beer you particularly love? Go ahead and enjoy it with your seafood feast and see how the flavors match up. You just may stumble across a brilliant new pairing. 

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