In honor of National Shrimp Day on May 10, we’re rounding up our top tips and best recipes featuring the popular, succulent shellfish. Take a look:

Shrimp + Sugar Snap Peas 

A simple stir-fry with fresh shrimp, seasonal sugar snap peas, and your favorite grain (we love quinoa or brown rice!) is as simple as it is delicious. This savory combination is a hit in both the flavor and texture categories. Add a bit of oil and garlic to the mix and you won’t be disappointed.

PAIR WITH: Sauvignon Blanc

A bright, citrusy white wine pairs beautifully with shrimp. And, the sharp spiciness of the ginger is a nice contrast to the sweetness in the wine.

Shrimp Tacos 

Shrimp tacos are a go-to dinner for a good reason — they’re easy, delicious, light, and customizable. Get creative with your toppings! Go for a sweet and spicy mango-chile slaw, or break out bunches of fresh cilantro. The beauty in this dish is the ability to totally make it yours!

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PAIR WITH: Pale Ale 

Dark beers are delicious, but they can overpower the tender, subtle flavors of shrimp. Your best bet is a pale ale or light beer with your shrimp tacos or shrimp quesadilla. 

Shrimp Boil

If you’re cooking for a crowd, there’s no easier option than a big seafood boil. To start, create a flavorful broth with water, salt, white wine, lemon and garlic. Then, add in your chosen ingredients, beginning with the items that will take the longest to cook through. A traditional seafood boil uses potatoes, corn on the cob, lobster, shrimp, sausage and a mixture of seasonings, such as fresh thyme and red pepper flakes. Of course, you can pick and choose your favorite bits to make this dish entirely your own. Don’t forget a side of cornbread! Learn how to host the perfect seafood boil here

PAIR WITH: Pinot Grigio or American Lager

If you are indeed cooking for a bunch of people, you’ll want more than one beverage option! A clean, crisp white wine is a great choice with a lemony seafood boil. You could even offer prosecco if you’re feeling bubbly! For those who prefer a brewski, American lagers are a good fit because they won’t steal the spotlight away from the seafood flavors.

Grilling your shrimp? Here’s a pro tip:

To avoid losing any shrimp between the grill grates, consider making shrimp and vegetable skewers. Make sure to choose vegetables that also cook quickly — like tomatoes or mushrooms — since your shrimp will be cooked in less than five minutes.

Have picky eaters at home? 

If you love shrimp but your kids have declared that they don’t, you are not alone. With so many health benefits and tasty recipes out there, it’d be a shame to throw in the towel now! Get our best tips on how to get your kids to eat seafood here.

Get even more shrimp-spiration!

From garlic-butter shrimp pasta to shrimp ceviche, our round-up of top ten shrimp recipes is guaranteed to elicit cheers at your dinner table. Read the round-up here!

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