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Go Behind the Scenes With Alaskan King Crab Co.

Go Behind the Scenes With Alaskan King Crab Co.

For us, it all comes down to respect — respect for the seafood we source, respect for the consumer and respect for the many generations of families who make their living on the water. To us, fishing isn’t just one of the oldest professions; it’s a tradition we’re proud to uphold and a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

However, even though we have great reverence for the centuries of fishermen before us, we’re also committed to using the most current innovations to streamline processes, maintain high quality and honor our planet.

Let’s take a peek behind the process and see how we get the crab from the sea to you table.

From Catch, to Ship, to Table

Our fishermen approach their craft as a family affair, often bringing generations of experience to the boat. This ensures a deep understanding of the water, as well as the essential commitment to safety and sustainability. That means all of our seafood is wild caught, with our signature king crab coming from the Bering Sea. In fact, the majority of our seafood is American-caught, with the small exception of some shrimp and prawns coming from responsible international fishers.

The next step in our process is crucial for maintaining freshness and quality. We perfectly cook our king crab, then dip it in a below-freeze brine, followed by a fresh-water rinse. This system creates a protective glaze that allows the flash-freezing process to lock in ideal flavor and texture.

Then comes the part of the process that gets your order safely to you: the packing process. No matter how far across the country your king crab has to travel, our insulated, eco-friendly boxes with liners, air cushions and more than five pounds of dry ice makes sure your order stays frozen until overnight shipping gets it to your door. We aren’t willing to take the risk — both to quality and safety — of your seafood sitting on a FedEx truck longer than it has to, because we know that any thawing compromises the product we stand so confidently behind.

Once your order arrives, you can safely thaw what you plan to eat right away, then save the rest in the freezer for up to three months. Then, just recycle the packaging materials and carefully dispose of the dry ice by using a towel or gloves to put it outside. Within 24 hours, it will evaporate. 

Our Driving Commitments

To some, it might seem like this process goes above and beyond what’s necessary, but we know it’s essential for upholding the commitments that drive us. These are the key philosophies that make us who we are:

  • Protecting the environment through sustainable, seasonally-sourced and wild-caught seafood.
  • Developing personal, trusted relationships with the world’s finest fishers.
  • Providing a high-quality food experience — from initial purchase, to first taste.

Regardless of how much our business grows, we never forget these important cornerstones and the tried-and-true process that helps us honor them. We believe in the difference we stand for and, once you experience our king crab, we know you will, too.

Become a believer.