When the weather starts to turn warmer and daylight lasts longer, it’s time for a crab feast with family and friends. There’s nothing better than gathering around a long picnic table with the people you love and cracking crab legs as conversation (and light beer) flows freely. 

Whether you’re hosting the in-laws or having a low-key weekend get-together with neighbors, a backyard crab feast is the perfect springtime activity. Ahead, we’re diving into the basics of what makes a memorable crab feast!


What is a crab feast?

Typically held in late spring and into summertime, a crab feast is a tradition that’s lasted through the ages. More than an epic meal, a crab feast is a fun, interactive social experience that’s a good time for young and old alike. 

What type of crab to get for a crab feast:

Our Alaskan King Crab Legs are among the largest and most impressive of all crabs caught in the world. Whether you go with Large Golden King Crab Legs or Large, Extra Large, or Extra, Extra Large Red King Crab Legs, you’ll wow your guests with the distinctive flavors and hefty size of the legs.


How much crab to order for a crab feast:

This depends on your guest list, but generally speaking, plan on about two pounds of king crab legs per adult. Those with larger appetites may want to go up to three pounds each. For 15 people, we’d recommend a hefty portion of crab (15-20 lbs. total), plus dipping sauces and about four to five sides.

Twenty pounds of crab may sound like a lot to order, but keep in mind that Alaskan King Crab legs are about a pound each (and could be two feet long). In this case, it’s better to over-order — you can always freeze what you don’t cook and keep it for up to a year.


The best way to prepare crab legs for a feast:

You can boil, steam, grill or bake our Alaskan King Crab Legs, but our favorite ways to prepare them are by grilling or baking. For a crowd, grilling is a great option because it works well as part of the entire experience. Everyone can hang out and chat outside as the crab legs cook, and the crab legs can be served as the batches are ready.


How to grill king crab legs:

Grilling is a fun way to cook king crab legs if it's warm out and you're planning to eat outside. The first step is to clean your grill grate or grill pan thoroughly — those chunks of blackened sludge won’t do you any favors!

What you’ll need:

  • Oil
  • Brush
  • Grill Tongs



  • Brush oil on all sides of the king crab legs to prevent them from sticking.
  • Place king crab legs on a medium-low grill (about 300 degrees Fahrenheit) for five minutes.
  • Turn them over and cook for another five minutes until they’re heated all the way through.


What side dishes to prepare for a crab feast:

While the king crab legs will be the star of the show, you’ll definitely want to have a few supporting acts. Grilled corn, baked beans, tomato and cucumber salad, hush puppies, watermelon, coleslaw and even other seafood (like grilled fish or shrimp) are the ideal sides at a crab feast. It’s smart to have a few loaves of bread on the table, too. That way, there’s something for everyone!

This blog deep-dives into the best king crab sides for your feast!


What to drink at a crab feast:

Offer the adults a crisp, refreshing drink to accompany the buttery goodness of the crab legs. Light beer is the best option, a pinot gris is a wonderful wine pairing, and lemonade for the little ones is always a hit. 


How to set the table for a crab feast:

If you can swing it weather-wise, a crab feast is best enjoyed outdoors. Not only does it add to the festive atmosphere of it all, but there will be less of a mess for you to clean up at the end of the night! Set up your tables family-style and cover them with brown paper or newspaper. 

At each station, have small bowls of melted butter, vinegar, and lemon. You’ll also need claw crackers, hammers and lobster forks for everyone so that sharing isn’t necessary. Don’t forget the paper towel rolls!

Kitchen shears make it easy to cut open king crab shells and save you tons of time. Our AKC stainless steel kitchen shears are a fantastic option for your feast! 

Amidst all this planning, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your own crab feast. After all, that’s what it’s all about!

PRO TIP: Plan to order your food two days before your meal, so you have time for it to defrost in your fridge overnight.

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