There's a reason seafood is recommended as part of a healthy diet by … well … just about everyone. Whether fish, shrimp, crab or any other delicacy from the sea, people all over the world reach for seafood when they need a low-calorie, high-quality source of protein that's packed with various minerals and nutrients. 

However, beyond the day-to-day benefits of eating seafood, what benefits can you expect from a lifetime of making seafood a regular part of your weekly diet? Let's investigate. 

Healthy bones, teeth, nails and skin

Many types of seafood are high in phosphorus and selenium — the first of which promotes strong bones, teeth and nails, while selenium is a natural antioxidant that can actually minimize the appearance of aging on your skin. So, yes, we literally are suggesting that eating seafood can keep you looking and feeling young. 

Lower cholesterol and a stronger cardiovascular system

The most well-known nutritional quality of fish is the high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower your cholesterol and promote a stronger, better functioning cardiovascular system. While omega-3 supplements exist, the absolute best way to provide this essential fatty acid to your body is directly through the food you eat — and seafood is hands-down the best source. 

Lower risk of stroke and better brain health

Just like the omega-3 fatty acids help reduce your risk of a cardiovascular event, they also reduce your risk of stroke and can help improve cognitive function. Research has even shown that a diet rich in omega-3s can decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer's and dementia as you age. 

Maintain a healthier weight

Replacing other animal proteins with seafood two to three times per week has been proven to help with weight loss and maintaining a healthier weight. Since losing excess weight can be beneficial to your overall health, this is just another way that consistently eating seafood can benefit your long-term health. 

Of course, there's one other factor that we haven't yet considered: Seafood is delicious, and eating it will make you happy. So, really, making seafood a part of your diet long-term is a win/win/win — for your physical health, your mental health and your tastebuds. Who can say no to that? 

Get some benefits.

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