When you think about summer, there are a few things that come to mind -- sunshine, fresh food, and backyard gatherings. Whether you love to cook for your family or host dinner parties for your friends, so many great memories are made around the table.

This summer, take advantage of fresh seafood options, as nothing screams summer quite like a black cod dish with a cool glass of dry Riesling. More of a crab fan? Nothing says family bonding time like a golden king crab feast, served with potato salad and fresh corn on the cob.

Don't Miss Out On These 5 Summer Seafood Pairings

If you're looking to bring people together (and spoil them in the process), these five summer seafood pairings will "wow" any crowd. The key is quality seafood and fresh side dishes, as well as crisp, palette-pleasing beverages.

1. Alaskan King Crab with a Cold Salad Platter + Witbier

When you order an impressive helping of Alaskan king crab, there is no denying that it will be the star -- so let it shine through. Prepare a heaping pile of crab legs and serve them with a medley of cold salads presented on a platter. From savoy cabbage slaw to a simple, chopped cucumber and tomato salad, the sky's the limit. Pair with a fruit-forward Belgian style witbier.

2. Sockeye Salmon with Couscous and Lemon Asparagus + Chardonnay

Nothing beats a stunning piece of salmon on a summer's night. More specifically, nothing beats a fillet of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. Crisp up the skin, serve with a lemon and herb couscous, then add a touch of lemon zest to your asparagus. Although white wine pairs beautifully with salmon, if you decide to grill this delicious fish, it can also stand up to a glass of Pinot Noir.

3. Halibut Ceviche + Tequila

Alaska halibut is flaky, yet firm, pairing beautifully with light, clean flavors, as well as bolder, spicier ingredients. During the hot summer months, why not make a vibrant halibut ceviche with pineapple, mint, cilantro, tomato, garlic, and lime juice? A tequila-based cocktail pairs well with the fresh, acidic dish.

4. Crab Leg and Shrimp Boil with All the Summer Fixings + IPA

When you're hosting in your yard, nothing is more fun than a seafood boil. If you serve your guests some giant red king crab legs and shrimp, alongside buttery corn and fingerling potatoes, they'll be so impressed. More importantly, they'll leave full. This meal pairs wonderfully with a hoppy IPA or a Belgian saison.

5. A Seafood Feast to Top All Feasts (Served with Fresh Rolls and Salad) + White Wine Sangria

If you are looking to pull out all of the stops for your next family meal or gathering, then you need variety. A Seafood Feast Starter Pack will do the trick, complete with giant king crab (claws and legs), sockeye salmon, coho salmon, and halibut. There's something for everyone! Serve with a basket of fresh rolls and a lemon-dressed frisee salad.

When it comes to seafood, the possibilities are truly endless. This summer, explore all of the possibilities. After all, there are few foods that are as versatile, delicious, and nutritious as wild, quality seafood. Explore all of our tips and recipes today

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