Unsure what to serve for the holidays? Don't stress — we've got a few ideas to make the day extra special...and extra delicious. And here's the best news: You don't have to stand over a stove all day to make these meals happen. In fact, most of them can be prepped in less than 30 minutes and allow for more hands-off time with your loved ones.  

Here are our top ideas for a special holiday menu: 

Crab Cakes

A crowd pleaser that feels fancy without too much legwork, you can easily prep your crab cakes the morning or day before and then refrigerate until it's time to fry or bake them. Just make sure you let them come to room temperature first for more even cooking. And remember: more crab, less filler. 

Crab Feast 

Cut down on nearly all of the preparation by preparing crab legs whole and making it a social event to eat them. What's better than gathering around a table and picking crabs for an hour with the ones you love? Truly nothing, that's what we say.  

Salmon Parchment Packs 

Cleaning up is basically non-existence with this favorite preparation method. Simply layer the following on parchment paper: thinly-sliced potatoes, fresh asparagus, a piece of salmon and some fresh rosemary, then drizzle it all with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Roll the parchment paper into a pouch, then bake! Each guest can get their own pack, cutting down on serving dishes and making it easy to feed a crowd. 

Seafood Paella 

Seafood paella is a dish that will look impressive (and make your whole house smell amazing) but is actually quite easy to throw together. While a quick version may not win you any points for Spanish authenticity (for instance, a traditional paella uses a special pan and fire … this version does not), you can still get all the traditional flavors and make it feel like a special occasion.  

Surf and Turf

It doesn't get more celebratory than surf and turf. Regardless of what combination you choose — steak and lobster, chicken and shrimp — it always feels special. Plate it up with some of your favorite sides and live up that double entree life.  

Christmas may just be around the corner, but it's never too late to plan something special that recognizes the uniqueness of this holiday season. That's where seafood comes in.  

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