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The Best Wine and Seafood Pairings

The Best Wine and Seafood Pairings

Today, we're classing it up. Get out the stemware and pop open the cork. It's time to talk about why wine and seafood make such a great pairing — and how to do it right. 

Here's what you should drink depending on your seafood meal. 

Champagne + Fried Seafood 

It might seem like an odd mix of status symbols, but the bubbly lightness of champagne cuts the heaviness of fried food perfectly. Opt for a glass of sparkling wine if you're enjoying tempura-fried shrimp or fish and chips. 

Pinot Grigio + Baked Halibut

In general, white wine and white fish are a match made in heaven — and a nice pinot grigio and baked halibut are no exception. Particularly if you've opted for a simple preparation method (think: olive oil, herbs and lemon), the crisp fruitiness of this fan-favorite white wine will enhance every flavor of your fish. 

Sauvignon Blanc + Shrimp Scampi

Garlic and sauvignon blanc are a match made in heaven, making it the perfect wine to accompany your shrimp scampi with all it's garlic buttery goodness. You can even drink a glass of the same wine you use to make your sauce — we won't tell.  

Chardonnay + Crab Legs

A slightly fuller-bodied white wine, chardonnay is a great choice for richer seafood, like crab legs. Since chardonnay is a dry wine, it goes great with the rich flavor of crab meat — just don't forget to put those pinkies up when you're cracking into the claw. 

Pinot Noir + Salmon

While plenty of white wines work great with salmon, this fattier fish also stands up well to a lighter red, like a pinot noir. Take note, though: This pairing works even better when the salmon is combined with a heartier flavor profile or sauce. Think cream sauce, pesto or even something tomato-based. 

With these pairings in mind, you can go forth and pour a glass with confidence. Now let's hurry up and get cooking. All this talk of drinking and eating has us hungry…

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