As much as we love the natural flavors of seafood, we also recognize that the right herbs and spices can really take it up a notch. While the herb and spice combination you choose will depend on the dish you're making and the seafood you’re using, we hope this list can serve as inspiration.

Here are 10 herbs and spices that go great with seafood: 


Especially great with white fish and shrimp, the combination of dill and lemon just begs to be put on seafood. Try this creamy lemon dill shrimp pasta or this broiled fish with dill butter


Known for its fragrance, rosemary can easily elevate a seafood dish from simple to decadent. Try this rosemary shrimp with spaghetti or this baked rosemary salmon in foil for easy weeknight meals that feel restaurant-quality. 

Old Bay

With its popular presence on crab and other shellfish, you can’t be surprised to see this classic seafood spice make the list. As a combination of more than a dozen herbs and spices already, Old Bay shines the most when used on simply steamed crab legs or peel-and-eat shrimp. 


Pairing perfectly with the delicate flavors of fish, parsley brightens up flavors and adds an aesthetically pleasing green pop to your seafood dishes. Try this parsley and lemon baked fish or this shrimp and parsley pasta


A lesser-used herb in American cooking, this light and delicate herb can add a complex depth of flavor to seafood dishes. Try this recipe for grilled garlic tarragon lobster tails and see what you think.


The combination of cilantro and lime can turn any item of seafood into a flavorful feast. Try cilantro lime shrimp stuffed in tacos or make your own ceviche to scoop up with tortilla chips.


Basil comes in a few different varieties and all of them are great with seafood. Try sweet basil with fish and Thai basil with shrimp. Basil is another herb that goes well with citrus, like this baked fish with basil, garlic and lemon.

Auntie Nonos Everything Seasoning

We’re a little biased about this one, but Auntie Nonos Everything Seasoning can truly go on everything — and it’s exceptionally good on seafood and shellfish. The only problem with this seasoning is that you’re bound to run out of it quickly. 


The brightness and tang of mint is great for livening up more subtly flavored fish. You don’t need to use much of it to capitalize on the strong flavor, so this is one herb that can go far. Try this Asian inspired salmon with mint and ginger pea puree for a unique, healthy and delicious dinner.

Chili powder

Rounding out our list with a rich spice, chili powder is great on its own and even better when combined with other strongly flavored spices to make your own Mexican-inspired rub for fish tacos. Try this recipe for homemade taco seasoning and sprinkle it on fish or shrimp. 

Remember: when it comes to herbs and spices, quality really can make a difference. Use fresh herbs when possible and look for high quality spices to treat your seafood right. 

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