Simply put, the way shrimp is handled and processed matters. For many companies, it’s easy to cut corners and think it won’t make much of a difference to the end product. However, with our Oishii shrimp supplier, that couldn’t be further from how they do things — and the quality of the shrimp shines because of it. 

What makes Oishii shrimp different?

Since they are processed fresh and by hand, Oishii shrimp retain more of their delicious natural flavor, making them some of the highest quality shrimp you can buy. Oishii shrimp are also free from any artificial preservatives, added hormones, phosphates and antibiotics, ensuring they are as pure as possible when they arrive at your front door.

Why is fresh processing so important?

Oishii shrimp are transported live to the processing plant in aerated barrels, similar to an aquarium. Keeping the shrimp alive for transport ensures less water is absorbed into their bodies, which can dilute flavor. Then, Oishii shrimp are put through a series of water baths with water temperature coming close to 0 degrees C. This not only cleans the fish, but it also effectively and humanely euthanizes them.

The timeline for Oishii shrimp to go from transported to frozen is incredibly short — especially compared with other standards in the seafood industry. In many cases, the time from live to frozen for shrimp can be as long as 14 to 16 hours. With Oishii shrimp, it’s less than four hours. Shortening this time period allows for better firmness, texture and flavor of the shrimp. 

What about sustainability?

Sustainability practices are also highly important to the Oishii shrimp processing. In fact, the Oishii program has received a 3-star Best Aquaculture Practices certification. Ecologically friendly aquaculture practices ensure that sustainable shrimp can be part of our future for a long, long time.  

How’s the taste?

We’re so glad you asked. If you’ve never had Oishii shrimp before, the biggest risk is that eating it will ruin conventional shrimp for you. Once you see the superior coloring and experience the texture and flavor that fresh processing allows, it will be hard to go back to any other type of shrimp. 

Don’t believe us? Check out some of the recently posted reviews on our website:

“Short and simple review…these were the best shrimp I have ever had. They have probably ruined me from getting shrimp in restaurants again. I’ll be ordering more soon.” 

“Truly the best I’ve tasted.”

What’s the best way to enjoy Oishii shrimp?

Since the flavor of Oishii shrimp is so superior to conventional shrimp, we recommend keeping preparations to a minimum to truly let the natural flavor shine. Simply boil or grill with your favorite seasonings — but be careful not to overcook! — then prepare to be wowed. If you need recipe ideas, check out the Oishii shrimp website for a classic garlic butter shrimp or a sweet and tangy honey lime shrimp.

Bottom line: the superior quality of Oishii shrimp is something you have to taste to believe.

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