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wild caught USA shrimp

A Guide to Our Shrimp

Ever wonder what the difference is between all the various types of shrimp?  We've got you covered. Peeled, deveined, tail-on, tail-off, sizing - we're explaining it all below.

Oishii White Shrimp

These white shrimp are processed fresh and by hand, ensuring they arrive in your kitchen with the highest quality color, taste, and texture. In addition to being sustainably sourced, Oishii shrimp are also free from artificial preservatives, added hormones, phosphates, and antibiotics. These shrimp come ready to be easily peeled with 8 to 12 individual shrimp per pound.

USA Wild-Caught Shrimp

In the deep, warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Biloxi Shrimp Co. finds shrimp that have a taste like no other. They are delightfully sweet with a firmer texture than most fishery-bred shrimp and, because they come from nutrient-rich waters, they can grow to a variety of sizes, from extra small to colossal. The daily catch is immediately hand-processed on the Back Bay of Biloxi, Mississippi.

  • Colossal white headless shrimp - U12 countOur largest size (12 or fewer individual shrimp per pound, as the name implies), these headless shrimp are hand-processed to meet their unique and meticulous quality control standards. 
  • Colossal peeled & deveined white headless - U15 countSimilar to the U12 variety, these large shrimp are hand-processed for premium quality, though slightly smaller - you can expect up to 15 individual shrimp. Each shell is hand-peeled and its vein removed.  This tail-on variety provides a beautiful presentation, making it ideal for any home chefs in search of that picture-perfect look.
  • Jumbo EZ peelThese crustaceans arrive ready-to-peel with each pound consisting of between 16 and 20 individual shrimp with the tails and shells still intact. They are perfect for any recipe that calls for cooking in the shell or for any seafood lover who prefers a sweet, crispy texture.
  • Peeled and deveined tail-offThe shrimp in this ready-to-cook variety are fully peeled, deveined, and arrive with the tail off. Great for home chefs who are hungry but busy, each pound consists of between 31 and 40 individual shrimp requiring minimal preparation before being tossed into your favorite seafood dish.

Now that you know the difference, we recommend trying out some of these delicious recipes and stocking up on the best option for you. Enjoy!