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Bringing the world’s freshest seafood straight to your door is extremely important to us. But even more important is how we do it. From our careful choice of partners to meticulous whole-fish processing to our stringent sustainability practices, we provide our customers with the excellence they deserve. We appreciate your business, and hope you enjoy!

Sincerely, Mike Higgins

Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns (Sold Out)

Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns (Sold Out)


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Product description

Our wild Alaskan Spot Prawns are a 100% wild, untouched product, sustainably sourced and flash frozen without any chemicals.


Location Alaska, Haida
Cook Type Boil, Fish, Fry, Grill

Cooking instructions

Shipping Information

All of our orders ship overnight, so you can enjoy your seafood product the next day.

All King Crab orders ship for free, and any order larger than 3 pounds also ships for free. However, for those order portions that are 3 pounds or less, there is flat-fee shipping of $35.

How Will Your Package Arrive?

Your seafood package will arrive in a styro insulated box, with 5.5 pounds of dry ice, a thermo-reflective liner, bubble wrap, and air cushions. It will be in a chilled state. Remove it from the box and place in the refrigerator right away to thaw gradually and keep chilled. If you will not be eating your seafood within a day or two, keep in the freezer until you're ready.

Warning: Package contains dry ice, so do not touch with your bare hands, or you will be at risk of burning.