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The Barbequer Gift Pack The Barbequer Gift Pack

The Barbequer Gift Pack

Premium Seafood Fillets From The Icy Waters of Alaska's Cook Inlet!
Fire up the grill! Mix up a little marinade! Enjoy cooking Alaska style.

We asked Travis, our chief fish cutter, to select the best cuts for grilling from this winter's catch of wild Halibut, Salmon, and Rockfish. We were looking for fillets with firm flesh and a taste that stands up in the heat of the grill. When you taste the choice cuts in this Gift pack, you'll say "Well done, Travis!

The Barbequer Gift Pack Includes:
  • Two Lbs. King Salmon fillets
  • Two Lbs. Halibut fillets
  • Two Lbs. Alaska Rockfish
  • Two Lbs. Silver Salmon fillets
  • Personalized Gift Card
  • Two Packets of Smoked Salmon Rub


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