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North Australian Lobster Tails North Australian Lobster Tails

North Australian Lobster Tails

Premier Lobster Tails - 12-14 ounces each

The World's Most Exotic Lobster Tail. North Australian lobster tails are known for their beautifully colored turquoise green shell. These lobster tails are from the Northern coast of Australia and are firm, sweet and have a smooth and mild flavor. Sought after by high end white table cloth restaurants, you will not find these in your local supermarket. Regarded by many as the Premiere Lobster, these 12-14 Oz. are very impressive and will please the most finicky lobster gourmet!!

Magnum Lobster Tails - 20-24 ounces each

You will not find a better Lobster Tail on this Planet. Tails of this size and quality are very rare. These extremely large Tails have more intense, wonderful lobster flavor!! Extremely Firm, succulent and sweet, these gigantic tails are plenty for two people. These tails are extremely rare and limited. If the occasion calls for something over the top - this is it!!

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