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Maine Lobster Tails Maine Lobster Tails

Maine Lobster Tails

12-14 ounces each. We have hand selected the largest Maine Lobster Tails. Each tail weighs 3/4 of a pound or more!! A "down-east" cold-water tail with succulent, creamy white meat, that has a delicate flavor all its own. Very large, meaty tails, loaded with extra tender meat high in lobster flavor.

Extra Large Maine Tails, 18-20 ounces each!
Just In!! If you are looking for Big, Meaty Lobster Tails, Look no further. These beauties weigh over a full pound - Tails of this size & quality are hard to find. Extra Large & Extra Sweet - order yours today as we only have these for a limited time!

Super Colossal Maine Lobster Tails
These enormous tails weigh a whopping 20 - 24 ounces, and some weigh even more! Tails this size are very rare, and have an intense flavor.

6-Ounce Maine Lobster Tails
The most sweet, succulent tails you will ever taste! Just the right size to enjoy with a good steak for an excellent "surf & turf". We carry only premium cold water lobster tails from coastal Maine! 

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