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Orders made on Thursday after 3pm EST won't ship until Monday morning.

Crab Market Pricing

As always at Alaskan King Crab Co., for us it comes down to respect – respect for the seafood we source, respect for the many generations of families who make their living on the water, and respect for the consumer.  Many industries have experienced unprecedented shifts in the past year and a half and the crab industry is no different.  We wanted to take this opportunity to share the latest news on the crab market and expectations through the rest of 2021 with you, our valued customers. 

This information has been prepared by independent experts at Urner Barry.  Founded in 1858, Urner Barry is a business publisher specializing in the timely, accurate, and unbiased reporting of market news and quotations to clients in the poultry, egg, meat, and seafood segments of the food industry through a variety of print and non-print media.

In summary:

  1. King crab pricing is at an all-time high for all sizes and continues to climb
  2. Customers are buying record numbers of king crab, and expected to do so through the rest of the year, and we can't blame them! These buttery, savory bites of heaven are mouth-wateringly good, so it doesn't come as a shock that people can't get enough
  3. To learn more, read the complete analysis below!